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gPodder News Archive

2011-01-16: libmygpo-qt 1.0 Beta 2 (v0.10) released

The libmygpo-qt team (Stefan, Christian and Felix) have released a new version of their C++ client library:

Dear gPodder & Amarok Community, we are proud to announce the second Beta of libmygpo-qt. Changes since last Beta:

The first Application to use our Library will be Amarok, where we will implement Podcast Synchronisation via You can follow our Progress on that here:

Due to the Fact that we are now Feature Complete we wish for many many Testers of this Library, to get a stable 1.0 Release. Also we ask for help with packaging, as we have no Idea yet how to get our Library into Distributions.

Some Important Links for libmygpo-qt:

Greetings, Stefan, Christian & Felix.

2011-01-11: gPodder 2.12 "The Odyssey of Flight 33" released

This is a bugfix release on top of the 2.11 release from December. The only code change in this release is a fixed database migration code that avoids problems for users who skip some gPodder releases when upgrading (e.g. gPodder 2.7 to 2.11) and for whom the podcast list appears empty after upgrading.

This release addresses this issue in two ways:

The "fix" for empty databases only works if the migration data is still in the database file and if you have not added any new podcasts since due to the way the detection code for a failed upgrade works (it's not possible to distinguish a working DB from a DB with failed migration if you have added podcasts later on).

This update is recommended for all users, and especially for packages in distros. If you can't or do not want to upgrade, you can also just merge the single bugfix patch from this commit: 5c2b19017b.

2010-12-19: gPodder 2.11 "Dance Me A Dance" released

A new bugfix release of gPodder is out, fixing (among other things) the YouTube downloads, as YouTube decided to deprecate the old download URLs. We also took the opportunity to fix some other bugs, and added support for file:// URLs for local feeds. As Transifex broke VCS integration with their update, there are no updated translations in this release, but I'll try to fix that at some point in the future when I got some time to set up Transifex again.

There are some great changes coming to gPodder in the near future - stay tuned :)

2010-12-06: libmygpo-qt 0.2.5 released

Stefan, Christian and Felix from the libmygpo-qt project have released a new version of their Qt/C++ client library. The new features are:

For the next release, the team plans to use the d-pointer idiom in other classes as well. Thanks to Leo Franchi and Erik Hovland for sending in some feedback based on the previous 0.2.0 release.

For this release, the libmygpo-qt client is again looking for feedback on the API, even though there are still some API changes planned for the next release. You can download libmygpo-qt here:

If you want to follow the release more closely, or want to submit patches, you can have a look at the project's Git repository hosted on Gitorious:

2010-11-28: gPodder 2.10 "There Lies A Widget, Stir!" released

A new version of gPodder is out :) New translations, fixed bugs and a few new features:

The source is available right now, packages for different distributions, the Ubuntu PPA, the Maemo packages and a Windows package will follow in the next days.

2010-11-22: libmygpo-qt 0.2.0 released

Stefan, Christian & Felix from the Amarok Integration team have released the first public version of libmygpo-qt, a C++ library for accessing the web service through a Qt-ish API. This library will be used by Amarok to interface with the web service, but it is also open for other developers to use in their own projects.

Download: libmygpo-qt.0.2.0.tar.gz

API documentation:

Git repository:

Bug reports:

2010-10-30: gPodder 2.9 for Windows available

The pre-packaged version of gPodder for Windows has now been updated to version 2.9, so you can enjoy all the new features and benefit from the bugfixes that have made it into the new release. The Ubuntu PPA has also been updated a few days ago with new packages for all recent Ubuntu releases.

The packages are available from the downloads page.

2010-10-10: gPodder 2.9 "Two Books In Her Bag" released

Another fine release of gPodder is out: gPodder 2.9 is the latest release of your favourite podcast client and media aggregator. This new release includes lots of bugfixes that were discovered by our users during the last release cycle, and also introduces some interesting new features. For users of MTP devices, gPodder now ships with a modified version of pymtp that allows you to utilize the latest version of libmtp to sync podcasts to your devices. Here are some of the highlights of this release:

As always, you can check out the detailed changelog for this release from

Thanks for all of you who supported or contributed to gPodder during this release cycle. The source tarball is available from the downloads page right now, and packages for distributions will be made available in the upcoming days.

2010-08-28: gPodder 2.8 "The Gold Napoleon" released

It has been nearly two months since the last release, but we have been very active during these summer holidays to give you once again great release. A new translation (Greek) has been added during this release cycle - thanks to Atheos for the work on this one. All the other active translations have also been updated to 100% - thanks to our translation teams over at Transifex!

Now, on to the changes that make this release so special:

You can also read the detailed changelog on the web or from the ChangeLog file in the source tarball.

As a result of the merge stop for the stabilization phase of this release, we already have quite a backlog of patches in the bug tracker, waiting to be merged, so development does not stop here. We will try to have a new release out sooner than later. In the mean time, please enjoy this new release and please report any bugs you find to our bug tracker. Thanks for your support, and again thanks to all the developers, translators, donators and users who have made this release possible.

2010-07-29: gPodder 2.7 for Windows package now available

A new package for Windows users is now available. The last release (2.5) has not been updated for a long time, as packaging for Windows adds an extra burden, and testing for each release has also to be done separately from the Linux version. Anyway: gPodder 2.7 is now available for download. Enjoy the new features, and if you like gPodder for Windows, please consider donating.

2010-07-24: YouTube download problems explained

YouTube changed their website structure again, which caused gPodder (and several other YouTube downloader applications) to stop functioning. We have already worked around this change in the development version. Please wait for the next release, or replace the "" file in your installation with the latest one from the Git repository (in src/gpodder/

2010-07-07: gPodder 2.7 "Proposition Infinity" released

We're back! The summer holidays are in full swing, and this gave us the opportunity to fix-up the last open bugs and feature requests queued for this release, and we throw in a special feature for all Maemo 4 users: the "Send to Bluetooth device" feature is now available to Maemo 4 users as well (previously, only users of th Desktop version were able to use this feature).

So, what has changed over the last few weeks? First of all, you get the usual load of translation updates (this time we've warned our translators in time, so you should get 100% of the strings translated for the active translations). If gPodder isn't translated 100% into your mother tongue, please get in touch and submit the translations using Transifex.

Apart from the translations, we also have implemented some neat features, like auto-detection on Maemo (so you don't have to specify --maemo or --fremantle on the command line to get the correct interface to show up) and support for merging of received episode actions (from into the local database.

In response to user input for the Maemo 5 (N900) version of gPodder, we have fixed several bugs, and slipstreamed the UI even further - menus and buttons should now be more consistent with the rest of the system.

As this is the first version of gPodder to fully integrate with the upcoming release of Panucci (a podcast player with support for bookmarks and resuming), gPodder not only communicates with Panucci directly over D-Bus, but it also remembers the total duration and the current position of an episode. This information is shown in the Maemo 5 UI already, and it is planned to make it more visible in the Desktop version as well in a future release.

One feature that was missing from the last few versions has been re-introduced thanks to a patch by Robert Willert: The device configuration UI, which allows you to select the type and mount point of your portable MP3 player device for the Desktop version of gPodder.

For advanced users, this release brings initial support for so-called "user hooks", a feature implemented by Justin Forest. This allows you to write Python scripts that have hooks for different situations which will get called from within gPodder - this allows you to further customize gPodder. If you have written a good user hook, please share it on the mailing list or bug tracker, so that other users can make good use of it (maybe we can also include them as example hook scripts in the next release if it's of general use).

Last but not least, you can now transfer a single podcast to your MP3 player via the newly-added "Transfer" menu item in the podcast list context menu. As with every release, this one also includes a bunch of fixes and optimizations since the last release. If you find bugs, don't keep them to yourself, but report them over at

You will find the source tarball on the downloads page, and expect packages for Maemo, Debian, Ubuntu and Windows soon.

2010-05-23: gPodder 2.6 "The Staircase Implementation" released

Our monthly release series continue, and bring an improved Maemo 5 UI, a better episode list context menu for the Desktop and Maemo 4 and improved integration into the web service. In addition to that, we are currently preparing a release of Panucci for the Desktop. Panucci is a resuming audio podcast player with dedicated support for gPodder, which has been available on Maemo for quite some time already.

Thanks to all who were involved in this release. See the ChangeLog file for detailed changes on what's new. The source package is available now. Packages for distributions as well as for Maemo 5 and Windows are coming soon.

2010-05-01: gPodder 2.5 now available for Maemo 5 and Windows

We're proud to announce the immediate availability of gPoder 2.5 for Maemo 5 and Windows. The Maemo 5 version, which has been available for some days in Maemo Extras-Testing already, has entered Maemo Extras. The Windows build of gPodder was updated from version 2.3 to version 2.5, which should include several fixes and improvements since the last release. Please test this build and report any problems you find on Enjoy!

2010-04-20: gPodder 2.5 "Knock knock knock Penny" released

A new release of gPodder is out. This release is mostly a bugfix release on top of the 2.4 version released last month. Here's a quick run-down of changes:

Feel free to grab the latest source from the downloads page or wait until new packages become available for your distribution. We'll provide new packages for Ubuntu, Maemo and Windows shortly.

2010-03-29: gPodder 2.4 "The Pants Alternative" released

Another month, another gPodder release - we're rolling again. This release brings some refinements and bugfixes on top of the last release - no major new features. We do, however, have a new preferences dialog for the Desktop variant of gPodder.

Please note: The new preferences dialog is missing the portable device configuration UI. If you want to help out and provide a patch and implement this UI, please contact us. Settings from previous versions of gPodder will of course be re-used, and you can use the advanced configuration editor to manually set up a portable device with gPodder.

Thanks to all who contributed to gPodder in this release cycle. If you are a translator, please use Transifex to update the translations, as we plan to do a new release (with the added device configuration UI, if anybody submits a patch) soon.

The source tarball is available from the downloads section right now, and packages will be updated soon.

2010-03-03: (German) Interview with the developers

The rewrite of the web service that happened in the last few months was carried out as part of the Advanced Software Engineering course at the QSE / IFS / University of Technology Vienna. We were interviewed by Alexander Schatten about the project, and the video has been published on YouTube: will continue to be developed, and we have some news for you in the upcoming days, so stay tuned.

2010-02-27: gPodder 2.3 "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency" released

The second gPodder release in this month brings updated translations, lots of bug fixes and some UI clean-ups to your open source podcast aggregator. Here are some highlights of this release:

The source package is now available from the downloads page and packages for Ubuntu, Maemo and Windows should be available soon.

2010-02-05: gPodder 2.2 "LA X" released

After a long hiatus, we are back. This new release brings together all of the changes that happened in December 2009 and this January, but most importantly, this release brings support for the advanced API of the web service. Some other user-visible highlights:

Thanks to all developers and users who supported and contributed to gPodder during this development cycle. As always, we're happy to hear some feedback on the new version. We're especially happy if you can report bugs in case you encounter some. The new release has been tested by the community that uses the Git development snapshots already, but we have not tested a wide deployment of Advanced API-Clients for

If you want to try some Photo feeds, here are some links (you can paste them directly into gPodder): Martin Bailey, Christ Marquardt and MeetTheGimp.

This release introduces a new dependency: mygpoclient, which is a Python library for accessing the web service. Packages are already in Debian, and we will be providing packages for Ubuntu from the gPodder PPA. Some other distros (like ArchLinux) already have packages for mygpoclient, and if you are packaging gPodder for another distro, please make sure that you package mygpoclient too and add it as a dependency for gPodder.

As always, the source is available right now, and packages for Ubuntu, Maemo 4, Maemo 5 and Windows will be available soon.

2009-12-25: gPodder 2.1 now available for Windows and Maemo 5

gPodder 2.1 is now available for Windows from the downloads page and the Maemo 5 version has been tested and promoted to the Extras repository.

gPodder 2.1 for Windows now by default works in "portable mode", which means that settings, metadata and downloads are stored inside your gPodder folder, which makes it easy for you to use gPodder directly on your USB stick or MP3 player, as it will automaticallly download all files there. If you are upgrading from a previous version of gPodder, it will ask you if you want to move your existing settings from your profile folder to the gPodder folder.

Thanks to all donators who help keep the Windows port of gPodder alive! :)

2009-12-15: Soundcloud support and drag'n'drop in gPodder 2.1

gPodder 2.1 is now available for Maemo 4 and currently in Extras-Testing for Maemo 5. While you are playing around with it, why not get informed about two new features that made it into this release?

First, we added support for the superb Soundcloud website, which allows artists to upload mixes and tracks. They provide a nice API that we now use to obtain a list of downloadable files. You can subscribe to a Soundcloud user by entering its URL (e.g. or by using the prefix sc:, (e.g. sc:crunchtime). Try channels like compost, crunchtime, gu-mix, rodney-hunter, scheibosan or stereotyp. You can use the Soundcloud website to discover more artists and labels.

Another feature that is available in the Desktop version of gPodder (it's not available on Maemo for obvious reasons) is drag'n'drop support for episodes. You can now drag'n'drop downloaded episodes to the file manager or a player application. This makes it possible to copy single episodes to a MP3 player without configuring MP3 player synchronization: Simply open your MP3 player in the file manager and then drag'n'drop the episodes you want to copy to the device. There is an advanced configuration option (on_drag_mark_played) that will automatically mark episodes as played when you drag'n'drop them. You can also drag episodes to a player if it supports drag'n'drop (for example, to play an episode, you can drag it to the VLC media player window and it will start playing - handy!).

2009-12-12: gPodder 2.1 "The Luminous Fish Effect" released

Yeah, we've taken our time to bring you this feature release that builds on top of the solid gPodder 2.0 base, but after nearly three months, we are back: This is the first release that officially supports Maemo 5 at the same time as other platforms, as we have integrated all platform-specific changes into the upstream codebase. You will notice a few new features, for example the search-as-you-type feature that will allow you to filter down the podcast and episode list to quickly find that old episode that you have been looking for.

Thanks to all the developers, supporters and translators who helped to make this release a great one! We'll continue with the development of gPodder and the integration in the next few weeks, so that you will have a even more pleasurable podcasting experience in case you are using more than one device for downloading podcasts.

For a detailed ChangeLog, see gpodder-2.1 shortlog on

If you find any problems, report bugs in the bug tracker. The new version of gPodder is now available on the downloads page, and the Ubuntu PPA for gPodder will be updated with new package versions shortly.

2009-09-15: gPodder 2.0 "Day of the Tentacle" released

Finally! A new release. We celebrate this event with a refreshed logo and icon set and a new version number. gPodder 2.0 breaks compatibility with pre-0.10 versions of gPodder. If you want to upgrade from a very old version, please install gPodder 0.17.0 first, carry out the upgrade and then install gPodder 2.0. You can also export your podcast list as OPML file and import it in a fresh install of gPodder 2.0.

This release has gone through several weeks of testing and even more weeks of refactoring and development. Apart from the new looks, this release brings along some long-awaited features:

For a detailed ChangeLog, see gpodder-2.0 shortlog on

Please give this release a good testing time and report all bugs you find. We are eager to make this release great, but there might be some annoyances and last-minute bugs that slipped through QA ;) Expect a new release in a few days with some more updates based on user feedback - if there is any. For now, just grab the latest version from the downloads page.

Oh, and if you were wondering why this release isn't called "Everybody Hates Hugo"...

2009-07-27: gPodder 0.17.0 "Orientation" released

Update 2009-07-29: The Debian package has been updated, as the first version was incompatible with Ubuntu Jaunty due to being built on Ubuntu Karmic. Please re-download the Debian/Ubuntu package of gPodder from the downloads page. Thanks!

Even though the summer is hot, and updates are slow, we are proud to give you yet another great gPodder release with some bug fixes and improvements to the efficiency of the feed updating code. Here's what's happened:

Bernd Schlapsi (1):
      corrected an error happened in commit 41b6e827c

Bill Peters (1):
      Changes made to exclude *.dat files from the edit device
        playlist util. I did this because my Blackberry mp3
        device creates a BBThumbs.dat file in every podcast
        folder. Not sure if this is the best way to solve it
        but it does the job for me.

Jim Nygård (1):
      Updated Norwegian Bokmål translation

Marco Antonio Villegas Vega (1):
      Let add a podcast completely from keyboard

Morten Nygaard Åsnes (2):
      Added GPODDER_CHANNEL_TITLE variable to cmd_download_complete hook.
      Monkey-patch feedparser to support Media RSS (bug 507)

Paul Rudkin (3):
      Bug 406 - Auto download option now available when gPodder
        is maxmized. Advanced option will allow end user to
        ihibit display of new episodes dialog
      Bug 406 Removed code that linked to old check box for
        auto_download_when_minimized - this is no longer used
      Added advanced option to allow user to change behaviour when
        an episode is double clicked (Bug 38)

Philippe Dessante (1):
      Updated French translation

Silvio Sisto (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Thomas Perl (29):
      Fix another bug with hanging downloads
      Simplify and clean-up feed update code in
      First cut of new feedcore module + related changes
      Initial work on statistics-based update optimizations
      Fix a bug with bad episode filenames
      Do not use "while I"/"while gPodder" in messages
      Fix feed update bug for password-protected feeds
      Only depend on GTK for GUI things in util (bug 495)
      Simplify Bluetooth-related tasks by removing options
      Remove support for custom HTTP proxy settings
      Remove libtagupdate + related functionality
      Remove use_si_units and get length from HTTP header preferences
      Fix encoding issue with German translation (bug 488)
      Update list of contributors/donators
      Do not enable install button in dependency manager
      Enable streaming when audioplayer is set (bug 93)
      Fix UnicodeDecodeError on Windows (bug 449)
      Use proper emblems for the episode list (bug 467)
      Fix bug in playback with default player
      Clean and split up on_treeAvailable_row_activated
      Remove support for writing the gtkpod extended DB (bug 68)
      Disable "Delete" accelerator in downloads tab
      Support for playback of multiple files (bug 120)
      Always create M3U playlists in download folder
      Fix streaming for deleted episodes
      Remove podcast_sidebar_save_space config option (bug 508)
      Update all translation files from source
      Don't overwrite backup files with gpodder-backup
      gPodder 0.17.0 "Orientation" released

Tim Gilbert (1):
      Add free disk space detection on Windows (bug 468)

Enjoy this new release of gPodder! And enjoy the summer.

2009-06-05: gPodder 0.16.1 "Adrift" released

Just a few days after the last release, we start up the release machinery again to bring some important bugfixes to our user community which should allow for a better podcast experience. Here's what's changed since Monday:

See the detailed ChangeLog for more information.

The Windows package will hopefully be updated during the weekend, Debian and Ubuntu packages are already available and Maemo packages will be available later today. Thanks to Markus Golser and nikosapi for patches, and thanks to all the bug reporters who helped spotting bugs early this time.

gPodder 0.16.1 can be downloaded from the Downloads page. Please report any problems you find in our bug tracker.

2009-06-01: gPodder 0.16.0 "Man of Science, Man of Faith" released

After a productive weekend in Copenhagen with improvements in the UI for portable devices we are ready to surprise you with another fine release of the most enjoyable podcast client so far. Some highlights:

See the detailed changelog for more information.

Thanks to Junio Hamano who sent the Pragmatic Version Control Using Git book from my Amazon wishlist.

Thanks also to all the contributors with which this release would not have been possible, ranked by commits: Thomas Perl (81), nikosapi (6), Shane Huntley (5), Fabio Fiorentini (4), Torbjörn Wassberg (4), Gonçalo Cordeiro (3), Jim Nygård (3), Marco Antonio Villegas Vega (3), Bernd Schlapsi (2), Jérôme Chabod (2), Markus Golser (2), Silvio Sisto (2), Ville-Pekka Vainio (2), Anders Kvist (1), Bastian Kleineidam (1), Eric Le Lay (1), Paul Rudkin (1) and Steven Oxley (1).

We obviously also switched our source for release titles. The new release can be downloaded from the Downloads page. Please report any problems you find to the gPodder bug tracker.

2009-04-11: gPodder 0.15.2 "The Long Morrow" released

We promised a new release every month, and this month we start out with a fresh bugfix release from the 0.15.x series. 0.15.2 brings lots of bugfixes that have been discovered during the last four weeks and some translation updates for the best (and probably most stable) podcast experience available at the moment :)

Thanks to all who were involved in this release:

A detailed list of changes is also available.

In the meantime, we have been hard at work implementing new features and cleaning up the code for the 0.16.x release series. You can check out the (unstable) code from our Git repository and report any bugs that you encounter, so that we can present you a fine new release in a few weeks.

Grab the new release from the download section or wait until the new package becomes available in your distro. As always, we provide .deb packages for Debian and Ubuntu users.

2009-03-12: gPodder 0.15.1 "Passage on the Lady Anne" released

After the release of gPodder 0.15.0 exposed some problems with installations of Python 2.6 (for example, Ubuntu Jaunty, who did the transition recently), and some other bugs that cropped up and were quickly fixed, we present you here a fresh release, containing (as usual) only bugfixes:

Thanks to all bug reporters for helping us getting this release fixed quickly. You can grab the updated source tarball and Debian/Ubuntu packages from the downloads page. If you find additional bugs in this release, please don't hesistate to report them on our bug tracker.

2009-03-09: gPodder 0.15.0 "The Invaders" released

We are proud to announce yet another fine release of gPodder: 0.15.0! This release comes with two long-awaited features/fixes:

When you first start this version, it tries to rename your current download folders and files so they have nice, readable names. There might be some occassions where the renaming does not work - please report such problems at our bug tracker.

This release is also the first to include a new command-line utility, gpodder-backup, which is able to create a nice tarball of all your configuration settings and your downloaded files. This is also useful for reporting bugs that only happen with specific user configurations. See the gpodder-backup manpage for details.

Contributions by commits (since gPodder 0.14.0)

Thanks also to all bug reporters and people on the IRC channel, who helped making this release as bug-free as possible in the allotted time frame. Now, get yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of orange juice and enjoy this new release of your favourite podcatcher. The source tarball and some packages can be found on the downloads page.

2009-02-01: gPodder 0.14.1 "The Thirty-Fathom Grave" released

Yep. You have been busy. So have we. But we are back - with yet another fine release that accumulates the bug fixes and translation updates of the last one and a half months. A feature release that will be even faster and better-looking is already in the works, but as always, we try to throw in a bugfix release every now and then.

This release is recommended for all users of previous versions of gPodder, as it fixes several bugs discovered since December 2008. Head over to the Downloads section and try it out now!

Changes from gPodder 0.14.0 to gPodder 0.14.1

2008-12-10: gPodder 0.14.0 "A Short Drink From a Certain Fountain" released

It's finally here! After a bit more than a month in heavy development, we are very proud to give you the best in open source podcatching available today: gPodder 0.14.0! Apart from all the UI goodness, this release also includes support for YouTube video channels and - the place where you can store your subscription list and also help building a user-driven, independent podcast toplist.

User-visible changes in this release

Thanks to contributors, donators and bug reporters

This release would not have been possible without the help of: Anders Kvist, Andrei Dolganov, Andrew Bennett, Bernd Schlapsi, Bill Peters, Cory Albrecht, daggpod, Daniel Ramos, Edouard Pellerin, Gilles Lehoux, Jérôme Chabod, Justin Forest, Markus Golser, Mehmet Nur Olcay, Mikolaj Laczynski, nikosapi, Paul Rudkin, Philippe Gouaillier, Sebastian Krause, Silvio Sisto, Steve McCarthy, Ville-Pekka Vainio and Vitaliy Bondar. Thanks!

2008-12-09: Interview on Linux Outlaws 67

While we are really only a few days away from 0.14.0, here is a short interview to keep you busy while waiting for the new gPodder release out really soon now™. The famous guys from Linux Outlaws - Dan and Fab - interviewed me about gPodder in their latest episode of their podcast. It was fun, and I hope you can understand my Austrian accent, should you decide to listen to it ;)

Obviously, you can grab the latest episode with gPodder, and you will find Linux Outlaws in the list of recommended podcasts (i.e. the "Import OPML from web" dialog) in case you are not subscribed to it currently. Here's the link to the show notes: Linux Outlaws 67.

2008-10-30: gPodder 0.13.1 "The Brain Center at Whipple's" released

A new bugfix release for the 0.13.x series has been released. gPodder 0.13.1 comes with lots of translation updates, bugfixes for the HTML feed auto-detection with which some users apparently had problems (if you could not subscribe to some feeds in 0.13.0, this should be fixed in 0.13.1) and fix some tag updating issues that should improve tag display on MP3 players.

In addition to these fixes, Nick has also added a nice dialog for password protected feeds, so instead of having to "encode" the username and password in the feed URL, you will get a nice dialog where you enter your authentication data. Coincidentally, this also fixes a long-standing usability bug that has been found in the User Test in May 2008. We hope you enjoy the improved user experience ;)

2008-10-23: gPodder works on Mac OS X; Bugzilla now has voting enabled

If you are a Mac OS X fanboy, you might be happy to hear that gPodder now runs (kind of) on the Apple operating system: Mailing list post with instructions. This is kind of neat, and you should remember that we got it running on Windows last year. So, if we wanted to, we could provide gPodder for Windows and Mac OS X, too - in addition to our Linux, BSD and Maemo offerings. Right now, resources are limited and demand for releases for these operating systems has not been heard of yet, so this is just a nice tech demo.

gPodder on Mac OS X
gPodder running natively under Mac OS X

In other, more important news, Paul Rudkin has enabled voting on Bugzilla. This means that if you have an account over at our Bug tracker, you can now vote for your favourite features and so help us decide on which feature we should work on. Thanks to Paul for taking the time to setting this up.

2008-10-06: gPodder 0.13.0 "A Thing About Machines" released

Welcome to a new release series of gPodder! The 0.13.x series adds new features that we have been working on in the last few months. Basically, this means two things: new features and new bugs. We've been testing the new version for the last few weeks, so any major bugs should be out by now.

Among some other features and updates compared to version 0.12.3, here is a list of the major new features/enhancements that have found their way into 0.13.0. For a complete list of changes, please consult the ChangeLog.

Thanks to all who were involved in getting this release done. According to our Git logs, these people are: Anders Kvist, Justin Forest, Jérôme Chabod, Leonid Ponomarev, Matt Baker, nikosapi, Sebastian Krause and Silvio Sisto. Thanks also to all our bug reporters, to Paul for handling Bugzilla and the Wiki and to all users being active on our mailing list and on the IRC channel.

You can download your copy of gPodder right now from the downloads page or wait until your distribution ships new packages.

2008-09-09: gPodder 0.12.3 "Dead Man's Shoes" released

This is the third and last bugfix release in the 0.12.x release series of gPodder. It includes fixes for problems found since the 0.12.2 release and is intended for all packagers and users out there. Here's what has changed since 0.12.2:

Download the source tarball now or wait until updated packages are available in your distribution repository.

2008-09-04: Czech review of gPodder with iPods

The people over at have published a review/guide on using gPodder with an iPod, with screenshots and lots of text: gPodder: podcasty v iPode

2008-08-22: gPodder suggested on Linux Outlaws

Dan and Fab from the Linux Outlaws suggested to one listener of their show to use gPodder as podcast client. As the show contents are licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, we can present you with the specific part here, taken from episode 50, about 59 minutes into the show: Linux Outlaws talking about gPodder in Episode 50. You can also listen to the complete show and see the show notes on the episode page for episode 50.

2008-08-08: gPodder 0.12.2 "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville" released

The second bugfix release in the 0.12.x release series of gPodder is now available. This release updates the Swedish translation (thanks to Anders Kvist), fixes problems with the cover downloader, corrects dialog behaviour of dialog windows and corrects the podcast list sorting. Some minor problems with legacy encodings and episode file sizes have also been fixed. This is the first release since the switch to Git, that's why the source tarballs do not contain a ChangeLog file (for now). Here's what has changed since 0.12.1:

Download the source tarball now or wait until updated packages are available in your distribution repository.

2008-07-29: Switched from Subversion to Git

We've switched our development from the old Subversion repository at to a Git repository, currently hosted by See the announcement here: Announcement at gpodder-devel. You can browse the repository online using gitweb at and check out an anonymous working copy with this command:

git clone git://

You need to have "git" installed. In Debian and Ubuntu, the package you want to install is called "git-core".

2008-07-24: gPodder 0.12.1 "The Little People" released

After several people have discovered bugs in the 0.12.0 release of gPodder released last week, we decided to push out a bugfix release, so you get the best out of gPodder without having to wait for a few weeks to get back a working gPodder:

It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version for the best gPodder experience. Download 0.12.1 here or read the detailed Changes since the last version.

2008-07-15: gPodder 0.12.0 "Metropolis" released

After one and a half months, we're proud to have yet another great release of your favourite podcatcher for Linux and BSD on the plate. Enter gPodder 0.12.0. This version features a brand new SQLite backend, which will speed up the overall user experience of gPodder and make everything a bit more snappy.

See the Roadmap for release goals and major changes.

A very special thanks goes out to the really great developers without whom this release would not have been possible: Justin Forest, who did most of the SQLite code and other contributions, and our two developers nikosapi and Jerome Chabod. The list of contributors and bug reporters is so huge that I'm not able to list them here - I'd surely forget somebody. Please see the detailed changelog linked below for all contributors for this release.

Thanks to the donators of the gPodder N810 Fundraiser, which will help develop gPodder on Maemo further - there's still a long way to go, so if you like gPodder, consider donating there.

Also thanks to the nice people who where kind enough to support my reading habit by sending a nice book from my wishlist.

Download and read the Changes since the last version.

2008-06-17: gPoder featured on

Thanks to Steve for spotting this one: Kurt Edelbrock says "gPodder's no plodder when it comes to podcasts" in his review of gPodder in this featured article on The article describes the basic functionality of gPodder and the advantages of using a special podcast application as opposed to, say, Rhythmbox. He points out that he would like to see a podcast directory integrated. We have discussed directory integration in Febrary this year, but from the few responses, we though we might not need such a feature at all, because it also needs manpower to maintain and update the podcast directory. If you want to help creating and maintaining a podcast directory, we can arrange something, but other than that, it will probably keep being the OPML support, and we will focus more on getting gPodder stabilized and optimized for the 1.0 release.

2008-06-12: Interview with Lenoid Ponomarev

The podcast website has posted an interview with Leonid Ponomarev, a gPodder contributor and translator. In the interview, Leonid talks about what motivates him for working on gPodder and the reasons why he prefers gPodder over other podcast clients. He then also describes how team development works in gPodder and how we deal with patches, bugreports and documentation.

The original (Russian) interview can be found at Интервью с Леонидом Пономаревым and the English translation can be found in the Wiki: Interview with Leonid Ponomarev.

2008-06-04: Welcome our new bug master

Paul Rudkin, whom you probably know because he's hosting the Bugzilla and Wiki of gPodder and is active on the mailing list, too, has kindly agreed to act as bug master for gPodder.

This means Paul is now officially empowered to step on the developer's toes whenever a bug isn't taken care of in time, and he also makes sure that all bugs receive the necessary attention from both developers and bug reporters (in case more info is needed).

This should help improve the overall quality of gPodder. I'm glad to have Paul in the boat and am sure this will benefit the project as a whole.

So, be nice to our new bug master and make sure to report every bug and annoyance you have with gPodder on (of course, after checking the FAQs and searching the mailing list archives and the Wiki).

2008-06-01: gPodder 0.11.3 "To Serve Man" released

A new version of gPodder has hit the streets. It has been a busy weekend so far (that's why it's already June for this release), so we'll keep this announcement short. Here's an excerpt from the roadmap:




You can Download the source tarball and read the Changes since the last version. Thanks to all who were involved with this release. Thanks also to Paul for setting up the new gPodder Wiki during this release cycle.

2008-05-27: Results of the Usability Evaluation

Thanks to the people at the INSO of TU Vienna, and carried out by the Usability Engineering Group 3991, we have carried out an User Test with gPodder in order to evaluate and improve the usability of gPodder. The document itself is in German and quite long, but you might want to have a look and watch the example screenshots if you don't speak German.

User Test Abgabedokument
User Test Documentation and Results. Click on the image to download the PDF

We are going to implement/review most of the suggestions that have been made in this document in the near future, and hope to fix the outstanding issues mentioned before the 1.0 release in August.

2008-05-25: New gPodder Wiki online

Paul Rudkin, who has been with the gPodder project for some time now, has been busy this weekend, setting up a very nice MediaWiki installation on his server, which will serve as the new gPodder Wiki. This enables us to tailor the Wiki specifically to our needs, have the advanced features that MediaWiki offers compared to Jottit (the service we used for the old Wiki) and also have (hopefully) more protection against spambots.

Paul is also hosting gPodder's Bugzilla installation for some months now, and has already done much work setting up the Wiki right and moving all contents from the old Wiki to the new one. Thanks, Paul! :)

2008-05-20: Linuxwochen presentation online

In case you missed the gPodder presentation on Saturday, I've put up the slides for you to have a look at. They're in German, so you might not understand what it's all about - sorry for that ;) More information about Linuxwochen in Vienna can be found at the Linuxwochen 2008 web pages.

Presentation at Linuxwochen Vienna 2008. Click on the image to download the PDF

Update: Thanks to Birgit, we now have some photos of the talk online, see here:

2008-05-14: gPodder for Nokia Internet Tablets in Maemo Extras

The Internet Tablet-optimized version of gPodder is now available in the Maemo Extras repository, which means that users of Nokia Internet Tablets can install it directly from the Application Manager without having to add another repository first.

This should provide an easy way for end-user of obtaining gPodder. People are already using gPodder happily on their Internet Tablets, and performance improvements benefit both the "Desktop" version of gPodder and the Maemo one.

You can read about the Maemo port and its user feedback in this thread over at InternetTabletTalk.

2008-05-08: gPodder at Linuxwochen 2008 in Austria

I'll be holding a talk at this year's Linuxwochen Vienna in Austria on May 17th. The talk is scheduled for 10:00am, and is targeted at end users/beginners who want to migrate to Linux or are new to Linux.

In case you are in or around Vienna on the 17th, it'd be nice to see you there :) There are other nice talks on Saturday, too, and you will find a list of talks and generic information on the Linuxwochen website.

2008-04-26: gPodder 0.11.2 "Walk like a Panther" released

We're proud to release yet another gPodder version. This time, we call it the "Walk like a Panther" release for no obvious reason, and we also provide you with an official Maemo version of gPodder for all the Internet Tablet fanboys out there.

Here's a list of the most important changes, for the full list of changes, please see the ChangeLog file in the released tarball. We've updated the list of contributors (patch writers, bug reporters and donators) in the about dialog for this version. If you know you should be on this list, but somehow aren't, please get in touch, and we'll add you.

You can grab the release tarball now, get the Maemo version from the Maemo repository (or use Application Manager if you already installed gPodder from the repository on your Internet Tablet) or wait until your distribution packages the new gPodder version for you :) Enjoy!

Thanks also to the people who sent donations during this release cycle - your support is greatly appreciated! :)

User-visible changes (UI, features, ...)

Corrections, minor features and bug fixes

Non-visible changes (Options, code compatibility)

Technical code changes, management

Maemo-specific changes (gPodder Maemo)


2008-04-05: gPodder 0.11.1+svn for Maemo (experimental port)

I'm currently playing around with doing a proper port of the latest development version of gPodder to the Maemo platform (Nokia Internet Tablets). You can have a look at the current status in this thread at InternetTabletTalk. If you are interested in this port, please get in touch.

gPodder 0.11.1+svn on Maemo

2008-03-27: gPodder 0.11.1 "Attacked by Killer Tomatoes" released

This month, we have seen our 600th commit in the SVN repository, which means our version history is growing every month and we can consider ourselves quite a mature project now. Of course, this doesn't mean that development is slowing down. On the contrary: We're here to announce the immediate availability of gPodder 0.11.1, the release that has been attacked by Killer Tomatoes! We got rid of a huge number of bugs and fulfilled nearly all of our release goals.

About the not-fulfilled release goals: We can't reproduce the "Moving download directory doesn't work bug (#8), so if you experience this bug, please leave a comment in our Bug tracker. Some other feature goals have been moved out of the way, because after we conducted our "What's your gPodder workflow?" survey, we found that gPodder's users would rather have a rock-solid, stable gPodder than tons of features that are not really needed. Of course, we will continue adding useful features and extend existing ones, but we try to focus on stable releases.

That's it for this month - please download the new release or try the SVN version of you feel brave. Packages in distributions will appear in the upcoming days or weeks, as usual.

Release goals (see Roadmap)

Feature improvements

Bug fixes and code changes

2008-03-21: Article in htu_info 03/2008

An article about gPodder was published in the 03/2008 issue of htu_info, a news magazine for students at the University of Technology in Vienna. The article is in German and describes a bit of the history of gPodder and how it all came into being. Apart from that, it describes a simple use case of gPodder.

If you write a blog entry about gPodder or some nice article that helps users understand gPodder or improve gPodder's value, feel free to get in touch so we can link it here. As always, the Wiki is also open for your contributions.

The next release of gPodder, version 0.11.1 is already in the works and in stabilization phase. We should be able to get out a new release fixing many bugs and having a huge startup performance boost (thanks to Nick) at the end of next week. Happy easter for those of you who celebrate it!

Article in htu_info. Click on the image to download the PDF

2008-02-25: gPodder 0.11.0 "Walking for a change makes me feel normal" released

As always before the end of the month, we present you yet another great gPodder release: gPodder 0.11.0, featuring the long-awaited first version of our tray icon support (and Jerome is already working on some improvements in SVN trunk). Apart from that, this release also adds an improved, new synchronization module (which brings CLI support a'la gpodder --sync), support for sending single episodes to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, a new, about:config-like expert configuration editor and last but not least usability updates for the main window. Of course, we have also fixed a bunch of bugs that were reported in this release cycle via our bug tracker. Don't forget to look at the new screenshots :)

You are encouraged to upgrade to this new version of gPodder. You will find the source tarball and distribution packages on the downloads page. Thanks to Nick ( for donating a two-year domain registration for Also thanks to Paul Rudkin, who hosts on his web server.

If you have any questions or problems, please see our FAQs, our Wiki or the Mailing list. Enjoy!

Release Goals (see Roadmap)

New and improved features

Code changes

Bug fixes



2008-01-22: gPodder 0.10.4 "Faster Pussycats Kill" released

After the early December release, we had enough time to prepare this special release: gPodder 0.10.4 is here, and it shines with its updated translations, some minor feature enhancements and many bug fixes that make this release a very stable one. Of course, this also means that we have not included all the cool features that you can already find in our Subversion repository, but it means you get a stable, usable podcast downloader. The new features currently in development will be stabilized until late February for the next release.

In this release cycle, not only did we enhance the gPodder Wiki and had fun trying to get the iPod Touch working (thanks to Pieter De Decker), we also got a brand new, Bugzilla-based bug tracker that we plan to use for keeping track of bug reports and feature requests - thanks to Paul Rudkin for taking the time to set everything up and for hosting the Bugzilla installation. I am also very grateful for the two books I got sent via my Amazon Wishlist - it is a nice motivation for doing some more work on gPodder. Last but not least, I want to thank all the people that have contributed to this release, they are listed below (and I hope I didn't forget anybody).

You can grab the new release tarball from the downloads page or wait until the new version makes it into your distribution's package repositories. If you have any questions or problems, please see our FAQs, our Wiki or the Mailing list. Thanks.

Feature enhancements

Bug fixes



2007-12-15: New gPodder FreeBSD port

Thanks to Chess Griffin, gPodder is now available in the FreeBSD ports collection. The package in the ports collection still needs to be updated to the latest upstream release, but now it's officially available within FreeBSD and can easily be installed and configured for such systems. More information is available at the gPodder page at where you will also find instructions on how to build or install the port/package in FreeBSD. The FreeBSD port page is also linked from gPodder's download page now.

2007-12-13: gPodder 0.10.3 "A Stop at Willoughby" released

It's not yet the end of December, but as the week between christmas and my birthday tends to be busy, I decided to push out this release earlier in the month. After all, this release contains an important bug fix for a bug that appeared in 0.10.2 and prevented first-time users from adding a new channel. Still, in these few weeks, we've added a bunch of good features that will make your gPodder experience even better (or at least that's what we hope..).

Highlights of this release include the new pill in the channel navigator: A graphical representation of the numer of unplayed vs. downloaded episodes. This feature is based on an idea by Paul Rudkin from November. Another change to make life with strange podcast authors easier is the ability to directly add iTunes Podcast links (the ones starting with to the channel list - gPodder will take care of "resolving" the correct podcast RSS URL. You can now delete single episodes from your iPod from within gPodder (not yet available for MP3 players, though). A very cool feature has been suggested by Paul Rudkin, who also did the initial patch: Episodes can now be locked, so they can not be removed from the gPodder GUI. These "locked" episode will also be hidden from the Delete old episodes dialog. See below for the complete list of new features and changes.

Teo Ramirez was kind enough to take the time to translate gPodder to Galician, so we now have gPodder translatins for English and 10 other languages. PayPal donations are always very nice. This month, John Charrette sent a donation - Thanks! And don't forget to visit the new gPodder Wiki that is updated more often and now also hosts our Feature Requests list.

As always, you can grab your tarball from the downloads page, view new screenshots on the screenshots page or wait for your distribution vendor to update the gPodder package. Enjoy!


Code changes



2007-11-29: gPodder Documentation Wiki

We now have a Documentation Wiki for gPodder over at, where we will be able to more actively maintain our documentation and make it easier for different contributors to add content to the documentation. All current documentation that has been available at this site has been migrated to the new Wiki.

Wiki URL:

2007-11-26: gPodder 0.10.2 "Ein schweineschnauzen Sandwich, bitte!" released

November has been a busy month for gPodder so far, and so we're happy to present you yet another feature-packed release of your favourite podcatcher: gPodder 0.10.2! In the last few weeks, we've added a new episode selection dialog, added the new configuration and settings manager that has been in the works since mid-October and also spiced up the channel navigator a bit with nice, helpful tooltips.

Apart from that, the usual code maintenance work has carried on, and we also nailed a bunch of bugs. Coincidentally, there have been several bug reports about disk I/O problems, mostly related to full disks, so these bugs are now handled gracefully and with notification dialog boxes.

Gerrit Sangel proposed correct displaying of file size units (SI units aka 10x versus "Binary" units aka 2x). We still default to binary units, but you can set the configuration flag use_si_units to True to enable the displaying of SI units throughout gPodder.



Code changes



2007-10-28: gPodder 0.10.1 "Nukular, das Wort heißt Nukular" released

A bit more than a month since our last release, we're proud to announce gPodder 0.10.1. This release focuses on minor bug fixes and some usability improvements. For users that download many episodes at once (and maybe even in parallel), gPodder will not update the GUI so often, resulting in less CPU usage. Owners of newer iPods with video support can now synchronize their video podcasts with the "Video Podcasts" menu item on their iPod (previously, gPodder synchronized videos to the "Videos" menu).

Grab your copy of gPodder 0.10.1 now or wait until packages appear in your distribution in the next days or weeks. If you like gPodder and want to show your appreciation, please have a look at my wishlist or look at the donations page. The gPodder 0.10.1 tarball is available from the downloads page.


Code changes



2007-10-27: Review of gPodder 0.10.0 on CyberNet News

The Iowa-based web site CyberNet News has reviewed gPodder 0.10.0 and describes its new features since their last review in May. The review highlights some of the most important new features and also brings up some missing features that have been on our TODO list for a while. The most important feature that is missing (according to the review) is the ability to remove podcasts from the iPod when the episodes have been removed within gPodder, something that currently isn't possible, but is planned :)

If you are interested in reading the review, here's the link:[...]

2007-09-21: gPodder 0.10.0 "Hier spricht Frank Drebin" released

After one month of hard work, I'm very proud to announce the greatest release of gPodder so far: gPodder 0.10.0 is here :) We have been busy preparing the new release, which is a huge step forward compared to the previous releases. Highlights of this release include the support for all RSS dialects and Atom feeds by utilizing the Universal Feedparser. The download system was also updated to use urllib, so we don't depend on wget anymore and downloads should appear smoother in the GUI now.

If you are tracking our codebase, you will notice that there has been a big wave of re-structuring and re-organization in the last few weeks. This makes the gPodder codebase more maintainable and also makes adding features easier. For example, we now have a live download status in episode info dialogs. Context ("right-click") menus were also added to the available episodes view and the channel navigator. The GUI has once more been slipstreamed - have a look at the new screenshots!

Well, really - there has been a lot going on in the last few weeks, so I am very happy to present you this new version now. Grab it, install it and tell us how you like it, the gpodder-devel mailing list is always waiting to hear about your experience with gPodder. If you like gPodder and want to show your appreciation, please have a look at my wishlist. As with every release, donations are always welcome. You are still reading the release notes? Download gPodder 0.10.0 now!





2007-08-29: Upgrade to GPLv3, Subversion revision reaches 400

I've just upgraded the license for gPodder from GPLv2 or later to GPLv3 or later. If you are thinking about upgrading your own project to GPLv3, Richard Stallman from the GNU project has summarized the reasons in the document "Why Upgrade to GPLv3".

The new license text of GPLv3 can be found here.

In the meantime, the number of commits to our Subversion repository has reached 400. I'm currently working on preparing my experimental version of gPodder to be moved to trunk, so we will have fresh new code available as our new standard codebase soon enough.

2007-08-26: gPodder 0.9.5 "we can do funky release titles, too" released

I'm glad to announce a new gPodder release. This release focuses mainly on stability, code clean-ups and bugfixes. This version marks the last release closely based on previous releases: The next release version of gPodder will be based on a version between 0.9.4 and 0.9.5, but has undergone massive re-organization and simplification allowing many cool features.

But for now, gPodder 0.9.5 is what you get and it's strongly recommended to upgrade to this version to get all bug fixes and compatibilty upgrades that will make the upgrade to the next version as seamless as possible (hopefully ;). Grab your copy now or wait until your distribution publishes a package.





2007-07-21: gPodder 0.9.4 released

Thanks to the massive contribution and high traffic on our gpodder-devel mailing list, we're happy to announce a new installment of the gPodder series: gPodder 0.9.4. Rolling in with high-profile additions like the new channel navigator and the support for HTTP/FTP authentication (by Nick), this is one of the biggest releases in the last few months.

We're also happy to see many bug reports and added patches coming from other distribution channels, like the Debian BTS. We've fixed all reported patches with this release, and with the addition of the cool features mentioned below, we are sure you'll like gPodder even more!

Feature highlights

Small fixes and improvements all over the codebase are always included in such a big release as this one. Support for newer libgpod versions and usability improvements in the GUI are the highlights of this release:


We also fixed some bugs that have cropped up on several bug trackers in the last month...


To be more accessible to people around the world, gPodder has supported I18N for quite a long time. This release updates old translations and adds new one: Ukrainian...


As always, this release would not have been possible with the countless contributions, bug reports, testing and traffic on the gpodder-devel mailing lists, so I'd like to thank the following people for their special contributions to this release:

Thanks to..

Are you excited already? Go and download your copy of gPodder 0.9.4 right now. Packages in distributions should be available in the upcoming days.

2007-07-12: Channel navigator, new OPML importer and bugfixes in Subversion

We've been busy preparing yet another gPodder release in the last weeks. Several bugs have cropped up (even if they are only related to special use cases), and again we managed to improve the GUI usability a bit, so using gPodder will be more pleasant than before.

The most visible and biggest improvement is the new channel navigator. This adds a (optional) sidebar to the left side of the gPodder main window. The list displays the channel's icon or cover, the channel title, a short description and channels with new episodes are highlighted. You can read about the new channel navigator and view some screenshots in gPodder gets new channel navigator.

Another change that is already available in the Subversion repository and will be available in the next release is an improved GUI for subscribing to and editing channels. Podcast URLs can now be entered directly into the channel navigator and the channel editor got a bit more sexy. Read more about this feature in Subscribing to podcasts in gPodder.

Other changes this week include a new and improved OPML importer, defaulting to gPodder's own podcast directory (feel free to suggest good feeds) and better error handling for synchronization to filesystem-based MP3 players.

A new release is not too far away now :) As always, feel free to have a look at my wishlist or consider contributing or donating.

2007-06-25: gPodder 0.9.3 released

This is a bugfix release adding all fixes that have accumulated in our code repository since the 0.9.2 release. This release improves track length detection for iPod sync, updated translations from (Rosetta) and fixes several important bugs.

As always, distribution packages will be available from the usual locations in the upcoming days. You can download the source tarball for gPodder 0.9.3 now from Berlios' download servers.

Changes since gPodder 0.9.2


Some newly-spotted media coverage of gPodder: Six Tools to Mange your iPod on Linux Systems suggests using gPodder for podcasts on an iPod. Harlem writes in Ubuntu Tip Often Overlooked: »For the package of the week, I chose gPodder. Yet another podcatcher, but this is really simple and elegant.«. Another recent article comes from Miercuri in Romania, entitled Podcatcher pentru linux. In March 2007, an article entitled Podcasts posted on Vision Knights states: »I've played with a couple of podcast programs on Linux and have settled on gPodder as my reader of choice.«. If you're going to blog about gPodder, tell us - we're always glad to see some media coverage!

2007-05-23: gPodder 0.9.2 released

This month, gPodder celebrates its 2nd birthday - rejoice! We've been busy preparing yet another great release of your favourite Podcast catcher. Since the last release, gPodder has been packaged officially for Debian GNU/Linux and it's already available in Ubuntu's universe repository, too.

This release adds support for podcasts using the BitTorrent protocol to carry the actual content. Support is provided by either invoking gnome-bittorrent or by giving the .torrent files to your favourite BitTorrent client (e.g. Azureus). Bandwidth limiting (rate limits, queue) is also provided for users on dial-up and low-bandwidth connections. And last but not least, gPodder is now translated into Russian! :)

You can download gPodder from the berlios download servers or wait for your distribution to update the gPodder packages in their repositores.

Changes since gPodder 0.9.1


2007-05-05: New preferences dialog, development news

gPodder's preferences dialog grew a bit with optional features and extras and also with the addition of BitTorrent support, etc.. in the last few months. The time has come to re-work the preferences dialog to be more usable and easier to understand and use.

Yesterday evening, I've re-worked the dialog, moved BitTorrent options to a seperate tab, renamed the "Advanced" tab to "Extras", slipstreamed the network proxy configuration, added icons and headings. You can view screenshots of the current svn version on the Screenshots Archive page.

With these changes in place, we're not too far away from gPodder 0.9.2, which is planned to be the next stable release of gPodder, featuring BitTorrent support and other fixes that have been in our subversion repository since the 0.9.1 release. I've already prepared a list of TODO items that I want done before the 0.9.2 release, namely updating translations (the new preferences dialog introduces new strings) and making the download queue resizable without needing a restart.

2007-04-24: BitTorrent support in SVN

Since the last gPodder release about three weeks ago, we've kept improving, fixing and extending gPodder in our Subversion repository. Here's a short summary of what you can expect from the next gPodder release.

We have improved the RSS parsing code, so it will work with more podcasts, and also work for subscription-fee-based podcasts with GUID episodes.

Nick has been busy sending in patches, so we now have BitTorrent support in gPodder - you can either let gPodder save torrent files to a folder where your torrent client will pick it up (i.e. Azureus has an option for adding torrents this way) or let gPodder work with Gnome BitTorrent, which will download your torrents to a specified download location. Gnome BitTorrent support is the preffered method of downloading torrents with gPodder and is very well integrated already.

For users with low-bandwidth connections (or users that have subscribed to many podcasts), we added an option to limit the download rate, so you will not saturate your internet connection when downloading new episodes.

Users of iPods and portable MP3 players will be happy about another patch from Nick that adds a preference option to only synchronize not-yet-played episodes to your portable device.

The latest change in the current svn revision is a "Save to file" button in the episode info window, so you can now save single episodes to your filesystem. You can use this feature to copy an interesting video podcast episode to your desktop for sending to a friend.

2007-04-05: gPodder 0.9.1 released

Another month, another gPodder release. This release includes new graphics, many GUI usability improvements (including streamlined dialogs). Also, iPod synchronization and filesystem-based MP3 player sync has been improved and stablizied and gPodder now keeps track of which podcasts have been played and syncs this information to and from the iPod. Additionally, file metadata can be updated from the feed and OGG podcasts can by synchronized to iPods, because gPodder will convert the OGG files to MP3 if oggdec and lame are installed. Instant OGG podcast fun for your iPod!

Go and download the latest version of gPodder today! Don't forget to look at the new screenshot page!

Changes since gpodder 0.9.0


2007-03-30: gPodder in the News

While we're eagerly working on getting out the latest and greatest new gPodder release with an improved GUI and more stable than before, here are some recent reviews I've just found on the web, maybe you'll find them interesting:

2007-03-06: gPodder 0.9.0 released

About a month after the 0.8.9 release candidate, we're proud to announce the availability of gPodder 0.9.0, adding some bugfixes, translation updates and last-minute feature additions to the gPodder codebase. Go and download the latest version of gPodder today!

Changes since gPodder 0.8.9

Please refer to the list of new features/changes for gPoddder 0.8.9 to see what's in this new release for you if you're upgrading from gPodder 0.8.0. Here's a short list of what changed since 0.8.9:


As always, this release would've not been possible without the contributions, discussions, feedback and donations from all the nice people on gpodder-devel and elsewhere, so here's the list of people I want to thank for their contributions (plase mail me if I've forgot you on this list):

What's next?

With the last major release of gPodder (0.8.0) at the end of July 2006, this is the first "big" release after 7 months. We've come quite a long way since then, and I'm happy to see the list of contributors grow since the last release. I'm also very excited about the Maemo porting effort, lead by Mika Leppinen. This port makes it possible to run gPodder on a Nokia 800 Internet Tablet. Adam Curry reviewed gPodder on the Nokia 800 in his "Daily Source Code" podcast - listen to the show if you have the time.

Some ideas are already in place for post-0.9.0 development, and our TODO list is still filled with nice-to-have wishlist requests and ideas. I hope that gpodder-devel keeps being a nice place where people send patches and discuss new ideas. And last but not least, I hope you're having fun while using gPodder :) Enjoy.

2007-02-03: gPodder 0.8.9 released

In anticipation of the big gPodder 0.9.0 release, I'm proud to announce its release candidate, gPodder 0.8.9. This release should work stable for you already, as the code has been tested for the latest couple of weeks now. As always, we'll have some more detailed release notes ready for the 0.9.0 release, so here's just a short overview of what's new in this gPodder release:

So, please go straight to the downloads page and grab your copy of gPodder 0.8.9. As always, please test this release and if you have any problem, feel free to contact the gpodder-devel mailing list.

2007-01-31: gPodder port for Nokia Internet Tablets

For those of you who own a Nokia Internet Tablet there is now a port of gPodder to the Maemo platform. Maintained by Mika Leppinen, the first version supports the Nokia 770 and Nokia 800 Internet Tablets. You can download the 0.8.0 release from and the original announcement can be found here.

Screenshot: gPodder on Maemo

2006-12-29: new look for the gPodder website

In an effort to split up my projects' homepages from my personal website (, I've moved the gPodder website to its webspace on This means that you can reach the gPodder website with all information about gPodder on its new URL at If you have any links to the gPodder website, please update your links and bookmarks :) As a side effect of this move, I've also revisited all subpages, so they are more up to date now and the dependencies page already reflects the changes for gPodder 0.9.0. Enjoy :)

2006-12-25: Fedora package soon, gPodder 0.9.0 preparations

While we're preparing the 0.9.0 release of gPodder with big improvements in stability, usability and features (see current development version for what's in for you already), Jeff Spaleta also announced that he has started the process for getting gPodder into Fedora Extras. This is good news for Fedora users, as they will be able to easily install and upgrade gPodder on their systems then the package is ready.

2006-11-18: iPod support, MP3 players, bugfixes

If you're looking at our ChangeLog, you will see we've fixed some bugs in the last couple of months and have added some new features this week. For example, gPodder now supports adding the "time released" and cover image to iPod Photo/Color/Nano/5G (Patch by Nick). Alain Tauch reported a bug that prevented him from running Makefile commands on FreeBSD - he also sent in a patch that fixed this problem.

We've also got new translations since gPodder 0.8.0: Swedish (Thomas Nilsson), Italian (Antonio Roversi) and Portuguese (Joel Calado). Thanks to all translators! If you want, you can always have a look at our i18n HOW-TO and contribute new translations.

The long-standing "new downloaded channel doesn't appear and requires a restart of gPodder" bug has also been fixed this week.

Another patch from Nick added support for the "blue bullet" marker on new 5G iPods and set the "remember playback position" marker for these iPods too. Adrien is currently working on some basic support for non-iPod MP3 players so you can synchronize your podcasts to these devices from inside gPodder. If you want to stay up to date on the development, feel free to subscribe to our mailing list.

2006-07-28: gPodder 0.8.0 released

Rejoice! gPodder 0.8.0 is here. This is the first official release since April, so you are encouraged to upgrade to this new release - it includes various bugfixes and compatibility fixes for different podcast services. Of course, this release is packed with a bunch of really useful and interesting new features, for example the possibility to Import channels from the web, using OPML feeds (you can import your lists now - many other services are also supported). The user interface was improved again - you can now select multiple items to download/cancel/delete. A progress bar has been added to the feed update dialog which can now be automatically called on gPodder startup. To download your copy of gPodder 0.8.0, go to the downloads section. We have also prepared Debian and Ubuntu packages for easy installation and the official Gentoo ebuild is expected to be updated soon.

Please read: We are still in need of donations and contributions. If you like gPodder, now would be a perfect time to show you appreciate this tool and the time it took to create it by donating to the gPodder project. If you speak a language other than English, German and French, please consider helping out by translating gPodder into another language. Other contributions are also always welcome - just get in touch with us on our mailing list.

This release wouldn't have been possible with the contributions of various people, so here's a list of people I want to thank for their support:

gPodder 0.8.0: Update cache on startup, "import from web",
multiple selections and usability improvements.

Here's a list of the changes in gPodder 0.8.0:

2006-07-20: gPodder 0.7.9 and new screenshots

We've been busy in the last few weeks to squash the last bugs and add some very enjoyable features to gPodder. If you've been watching our mailing list lately, you might have even tried out gPodder 0.7.9 already - this is a pre-release testing build that already includes most changes for the upcoming 0.8.0 release and is here for people to try out and report bugs, so we have a shiny, working gPodder release in the coming days.

If you feel brave, you might try out the gPodder 0.7.9 release today and report bugs if you find any: gpodder-0.7.9.tar.gz. If you have got Ubuntu Dapper or Debian (Sarge or newer) installed, you have it even easier: simply download the corresponding package, either for Debian or Ubuntu Dapper.

We've already implemented some features that are not in 0.7.9, but will be in 0.8.0, so watch out for a new release in the next few days. Until then, I've prepared some new screen shots that depict the improvements since gPodder 0.7 - you can find them on the screenshots page (gPodder svn).

2006-07-02: gPodder in the Gentoo portage tree

We are happy to announce that Hanno Böck is now taking care of the gPodder eBuild in the Gentoo portage tree. This means that gPodder is now directly supported in Gentoo and can be used with the usual tools to manage software. gPodder can be found in the Portage tree under media-sound/gpodder and you can find more information about the package and eBuild here.

In other news, summer holidays just started and I just came back from a one-week travel to the Canary Islands, so if everything goes well, we will be able to get out a new gPodder release in the coming days. Watch this website and if you want to get involved, feel free to join us on our mailing list.

2006-06-04: gPodder package for Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

I've tried out Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) today and also compiled a new package of gPodder 0.7 (current stable) for it. You will find the package in the download section.

Installation of this package is really straightforward in this new Ubuntu release: Download the deb file to your Desktop, double-click it, review the description, click on the install now button, authorize and Ubuntu's new deb-installer will take care of the rest. Enjoy.

2006-06-04: Media coverage update

This is not the most recent news, I know, but anyway if you're curious to read some media releases covering gPodder, look no further! If you wonder when the next gPodder release will be out, just ask on our mailing list - summer is coming soon..

2006-04-14: Contributed packages, SVN updates

Today, I've updated the contributed packages list for gPodder 0.7. Look at the downloads page to see the list. We can now provide packages for Slackware (thanks to camp lear), Gentoo (thanks to Steve), Crux Linux (thanks to Matthias Hendenskog) and ArchLinux (thanks to William Rea). If you find a package for another distribution, feel free to notify me about it.

There have been some changes to gPodder in our subversion repository since the 0.7 release. Things in svn are to be considered experimental (as always), but for the curious: I've tried to get D-BUS working with gPodder (for iPod discovery, etc..). Apart from that, I've extended the information dialogs for episodes, so you will see more information about the episode you have selected. Podcasts will be flagged as such (with description on iPod's display) when using the cvs version of libgpod's Python bindings. Also, we now have a "released" column in the available podcasts tab.

We're still searching for more translators for gPodder. If you want to translate gPodder into your language, don't hesistate to write to the mailinglist.

2006-04-08: gPodder 0.7 released

After about only a week or so, a new gPodder release is out and ready for you to get your podcasts in an even more delicate way. But if it weren't enough to improve code quality and usability, no: We've also added support for i18n (that is, translations) and also the iPod (given you install some optional dependencies for the iPod support). Yes: You can now sync your downloaded podcasts to your iPod, without much fuss. As there are some never-before-seen features in this release, I'd like to get some comments on how you like it and if there are any problems on your side.

Anyway, on to the changes for this release:

[Image: Screenshot of gPodder 0. channel editor, displaying iTunes cover][Image: Screenshot of gPodder 0.7 iPod synchronization]
[Image: Screenshot of gPodder 0.7 media player selection] [Image: Screenshot of gPodder 0.7 iPod-related channel settings]
gPodder 0.7: iPod synchronization, i18n, stability and usability coolness.

Thanks to Alain Tauch who contributed the French translation and also some patches. Thanks to Peter Hoffmann for Debian/Ubuntu package maintenance. Thanks also to patch contributors for this release, Adrien Beaucreux and Ortwin Forster - and of course all that I have forgot.

April 4th 2006, 19:49: Updated tarball and deb packages to apply a bugfix that has forgotten to find its way to gPodder 0.7. Please re-download. Thanks to Marius Scurtescu for pointing that out.

You can download gPodder 0.7 source by clicking here: gpodder-0.7.tar.gz. Watch the gPodder download page for distribution packages.

2006-04-07: iPod synchronization

Apart from the usual bugfixes, I've spent the last two or three days experimenting with libgpod's Python bindings to get iTunesDB reading/writing support into gPodder. With this, iPod synchronization support is now in the subversion repository and works fine for me with my iPod mini. It's in an early stage, but synchronization of downloaded channels works already and you can also exclude channels from synchronization already. With some fancy icons from the Tango project, the synchronization progress dialog looks quite fashionable, as you can see in the screenshot below.

[Image: Screenshot of gPodder development version syncing to iPod]
Meanwhile in our svn repository: You'll be able to sync to your iPod with gPodder 0.7!

In other news, we now have a French translation file for gPodder, so gPodder is now available in English, German and French. If you'd like to contribute a translation, please get in contact with the gPodder mailing list: gpodder-devel (at)

2006-04-03: Threading and localDB improvements

Today, I've done some more testing with gPodder and different feeds and squashed several bugs, especially threading and downloads seems to be working stable now. The downloading list now also updates in real time, as a side effect of the threading fixes. LocalDB handling has also been improved, and in the (now very unlikely) event that a downloaded feed gets lost on its way to the localDB, it will be re-added as soon as you try to re-download an already downloaded feed.

If this is too technical for you, this simply means that gPodder 0.7 will be even more stable than 0.6 and that localDB seems to finally start working well. If you have the time, try out the current SVN release (even if it might introduce some more bugs, but it's worth the new features). With these changes happening, we might get a 0.7 release out before easter, maybe..

2006-03-31: gPodder 0.7 development, i18n

Only two days (!!) after the release of gPodder 0.6, we are currently working on gPodder 0.7, the next episode of the greatest podcatcher of them all. The most exciting new feature probably will be i18n support, so you can use gPodder in your own language. For this, we still need contributors that are able to translate gPodder into their native language. So far, we have a completed German translation, and a French translation is in the works.

As you probably see, I've re-designed the gPodder homepage. Donations are welcome, as are contributions to gPodder itself.

Screenshots for the current development version of gPodder are available from the new screenshots page. The new features you see here: Support for iTunes images, if the channel provides one and automatic detection of installed audio players that can then be selected in the preferences dialog. As of now, I've also streamlined much of gPodder's codebase, so it will run more efficiently and the code is less bloated.

If you want to help out translating gPodder into your language, get in touch with the gPodder mailing list on gpodder-devel at Thanks!

2006-03-29: gPodder 0.6 released

Nearly two months after the glorious 0.5 release, gPodder is back and as cool as ever. For this release, there are only a few features, but the codebase has been improved, so everything is more stable now. Also, the GUI has been improved as you can see on the screenshots.

Here is a short (but not complete) list of new things that you get with gPodder 0.6, compared to the 0.5 release:

I'd like to thank all contributors that have provided feedback and patches to this gPodder release, especially Adrien Beaucreux, who just recently joined the gPodder team and also a big thank you to Alain Tauch, who has submitted loads of patches and fixes to bring you the most stable gPodder release up to date. As always, I'd like to thank all the people who provided feedback to gPodder and suggested features and reported bugs. And as far as the bug reports, patches and feature requests are concerned: keep sending them in :)

You can download gPodder 0.6 source by clicking here: gpodder-0.6.tar.gz. After download, simply extract the tar archive and check the INSTALL and README files for instructions on how to get gPodder running on your machine.

[Image: Screenshot of gPodder 0.6 channel editor][Image: Screenshot of gPodder 0.6 delete confirmation dialog]
[Image: Screenshot of gPodder 0.6 episode info dialog] [Image: Screenshot of gPodder 0.6 preferences dialog]
gPodder 0.6: Now, how's that for some GUI beautifulness?

2006-02-04: gPodder 0.5 released

Release early, release often. The new release of gPodder is here and is better than ever, with features already mentioned in the announcement of the pre-release snapshot. Newer features that haven't been available in the pre-release so far include, but are not limited to:

Thanks to all people involved in this release and thanks for all the nice feedback that has been sent since the last release, and of course, keep sending feature requests, bug reports and simple "it rocks!" mails :)

You can download gPodder 0.5 source by clicking here: gpodder-0.5.tar.gz. After download, simply extract the tar archive and check the INSTALL and README files for instructions on how to get gPodder running on your machine. Update 05.02.2006: Fixed dependencies on help2man and tepache (tepache included, help2man only needed when changing code).

[Image: Screenshot of gPodder 0.5, download status tab]
gPodder 0.5: All the kids like simultaneous downloads.

2005-11-22: Subversion and Debian packages

The source tree of the beloved media aggregator gPodder is now managed in a Subversion repository. You can access it anonymously to check out the most recent development code - of course, including all kinds of new, nasty bugs at no additional cost. Peter was busy figuring out how to build deb packages today, so we now have experimental Debian packages here. New features include the ability to drag-and-drop feeds to the gPodder window and setting already downloaded podcasts to a different background color.

2005-11-20: gPodder development progress

Twenty days after the development snapshot has been released, work is progressing towards the next gPodder release. I'd like to welcome Peter Hoffmann to the gPodder team, he has already contributed lots of code and ideas to the current gPodder codebase. We are currently setting up development on BerliOS. We will commit source code to our SVN repository soon. In the meantime, you can check out our project page here: gPodder at BerliOS. There is also a mailing list for gPodder development: gpodder-devel mailing list. Peter is currently experimenting with packaging gPodder up as .deb package, so expect Debian/Ubuntu packages for the next release.

2005-10-31: gPodder 0.5 snapshot released

The fifth release of the beloved podcast catcher marks the beginning of the third re-write of gPodder. With the first release being written in Java, we moved to Python for the next release. gPodder continues its relationship with PyGTK, but now moves to a more object-oriented approach. In preparation of the 0.6 release, which is planned to be the first stable release of the new gPodder series, the 0.5 snapshot is a preview of the new interface and features gPodder 0.6 will offer.

A bunch of highlights from the 0.5 release:

[Image: Screenshot of gPodder 0.5]
gPodder 0.5 snapshot: Newer, better, funnier.

2005-09-06: gPodder 0.4 released

gPodder 0.4 hits the sky. The GTK+ interface has been re-designed and a configuration screen has been added. The GUI should be more stable and a new download dialog has been added. Additionally, a list of already downloaded podcasts has been integrated into the GUI, making it easy to play podcasts on your harddrive. The possibility to use any audio player you might want to select is another new feature - for example, you can now use beep-media-player instead of xmms. Of course, this release includes some bugfixes and minor code clean-ups.

2005-09-03: gPodder 0.3 released

gPodder 0.3, the third incarnation of the gPodder Podcast download utility has been released. It features implementation of all needed features, a new improved download dialog, more responsiveness while downloading, a new download management system and the ability to play downloaded podcasts (using xmms). Several bugs have been fixed and in the testing phase is has been very stable already. Developers and users are invited to contribute to gPodder by sending bug reports, patches or feature requests. For people with the "subprocess" problem: this has been fixed in 0.3!

2005-06-13: gPodder 0.2 snapshot released

There is some development snapshot of gPodder 0.2 written in Python here: gpodder-0.2-snapshot.tar.gz. Please keep in mind this is _really_ in some very early development state. If you aren't knowledgeable enough, you better wait for another version. Other than that, I want to invite all Python hackers to get on that code and hopefully fix some issues i haven't already. Keep it on. Any suggestions+patches to :)

2005-05-30: gPodder in Python?

I'm currently experimenting with python, so maybe the next version of gPodder will be a little bit more lightweight and the requirements will be lighter (probably a standard python install will be sufficient).. Mail me if you have any interest in development :)

2005-05-02: gPodder 0.1 released

I've just released version 0.1 of gPodder, written in Java with the help of the wonderful java-gnome bindings :) Have fun with this one.

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