mygpoclient - A Client Library

The mygpoclient library allows developers to utilize a Pythonic interface to the web services.





2013-02-08 mygpoclient 1.7 "Nuisance Value" released

Another catch-up release of mygpoclient is out, bringing you new features and an improved syncing experience. The top contributors of this release are Stefan Derkits with 12 commits, and Stefan Kögl with 5 commits. New features include:

It is recommended that all users upgrade to this new version of mygpoclient - it will become mandatory in a future gPodder release (or at least mandatory when syncing is used).

2011-08-04 mygpoclient 1.6 "Greensleeves" released

This release is a catch-up release with various changes that accumulated in the repository over the last few months. This release includes experimental support for the mygpo-feedservice. It also includes various fixes to the API client, so it is a recommended release for all users of mygpoclient.

With this release, mygpoclient's main Git repository has moved to Github, into the gpodder organization into which most gPodder-related projects have been moved already or will be moved soon. We will make sure that the old repository at will still keep functioning as a mirror for this new repository.

2010-10-10 mygpoclient 1.5 "The Hunting Party" released

This release is a bugfix release that contains corrections and improvements to the current feature set based on bug reports. It is recommended for users who experience problems with the login area or with received subscribe actions in gPodder.

2010-04-26 mygpoclient 1.4 "Do No Harm" released

Yesterday's 1.3 release contained some bugs that were overseen during the release process. This release fixes these issues and adds some more doctests and fixes unit tests.

2010-04-25 mygpoclient 1.3 "Born to Run" released

This release changes the hostname of the web service to, so that all requests by the library are sent to instead of Also, this release sets the API compatiblity level to 2, which allows us to send and receive more fine-grained, timestamped play events. If you have been developing against previous versions of mygpoclient, please read the NEWS file to read about the minor API changes that this release introduces in order to support the new features.

2010-03-15 mygpoclient 1.2 "Lighthouse" released

This release adds Windows compatibility and includes a fix for a bug that happened with relative imports when simplejson was not installed. This update is recommended for all users. If you cannot upgrade to 1.2 at the moment, please make sure to install python-simplejson so that the relative import bug in version 1.1 will not affect you.

Please note that version 1.1 was generating wrong URLs in Windows, as it was using os.path.join to construct URLs, which does not work under Windows, because the URLs contained backslashes. This has been fixed in version 1.2. The version of mygpoclient that is bundled with gPodder 2.3 for Windows already has this fix included as a hotfix. Future versions will simply ship with 1.2 and later.

2010-02-19 mygpoclient 1.1 "The Substitute" released

This release is a bugfix release on top of mygpoclient 1.0, and fixes some bugs that have made it into the initial release:

Updating to version 1.1 is recommended for all users, although the current works around the wrong HTTP method bug for device settings uploads. This means that version 1.0 of mygpoclient was not compatible with the mygpo API specs for device settings uploads (although we did add a workaround to the server-side code in the mygpo web service implementation).