2016-02-03 - gPodder 3.9.0 "Helium Levitator" released

A new version of gPodder is out! This release removes some old, unmaintained code and fixes some bugs and adds a new translation.

Starting from version 3.9.0, the N9 port is not supported anymore; the code is still available in the "harmattan" branch in Git if you need it or want to backport fixes yourself.

Flattr support was broken with the recent changes to Flattr's website, it is recommended that you use's Flattr integration instead if you want to use this feature.

For the Windows build, due to some Norton false positives, the auto-download feature for Python and PyGTK has been removed and replaced with a link to, so users can manually download the dependencies.

Here is the list of changes:

As always, a detailed changelog is available at

Download: gpodder-3.9.0.tar.gz
md5sum: e10acfd6d3eb03c46ff9d02efe4b920f
sha1sum: f06ccd3e3af630dc9ac8064167c998ee931111b4

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